Where are FizzBenefitz products manufactured?
FizzBenefitz products are manufactured in the USA using domestic and imported ingredients.

Are FizzBenefitz supplements manufactured in a GMP facility?
Yes, all of our supplements are manufactured in a GMP compliant facility.

What are the benefits of effervescent products?
Since effervescent products are free of moisture, they provide a stable environment for sensitive ingredients, helping to preserve the product’s effectiveness. When an effervescent product is added to water, the ingredients are dispersed uniformly, which prevents active ingredients from sinking to the bottom of the solution. The various benefits of effervescent products can be applied to a wide range of products, which is evident in our diverse product line. For example, the effervescent product form allows aromas to be slowly released from our Shower Better tablets, provides an alternative to large pills for our Calcium and Vitamin C supplements, creates a powerful jewelry cleaning solution in Shine Better, and makes a fun and convenient electrolyte replacement in Hydrate Better. 

Where can I purchase FizzBenefitz products?
FizzBenefitz products are available for purchase on our website and from Amazon.

Is Shine Better safe on all jewelry?
Shine Better should not be used on pearls and other porous gemstones (including but not limited to coral, lapis, turquoise, malachite and oil treated stones). For confirmation, ask your jeweler.

Can adults drink Hydrate Better?
Absolutely! Hydrate Better is enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Can I use Shower Better in the bath?
No. Shower Better is not a bath bomb and should not be used topically. The product is designed to provide a spa-like aromatherapy experience in the shower.


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