Centerbrook Business Seeks to Make Lives Better with Bubbles

Centerbrook, Conn. – FizzBenefitz, a Connecticut-based company, has launched a new line of effervescent health, personal care and home cleaning products. The diverse product line includes Shine Better Jewelry Cleaner, Shower Better Aromatherapy, Well Better Vitamin C and Calcium Supplements and Hydrate Better Kids Electrolyte Supplement.

The FizzBenefitz team is excited to launch a unique line of effervescent products and anticipates a positive consumer response. The effervescent product form offers a multi-sensory experience not found in other types of products. For example, effervescent nutritional supplements provide an alternative option for consumers who dislike or are unable to take pills. Each product was made with convenience for the consumer in mind.

The full FizzBenefitz line is available for purchase online at

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