Fizz is here to help

Sometimes there isn't enough time in the day. That's why FizzBenefitz has designed simple, fast, effective, solutions that make the little things just a bit more fun. Whether it’s staying hydrated, making sure your body has the nutrients you need, keeping your valuables shiny, or turning a 10 minute shower into the me time you deserve, FizzBenefitz has you covered. Who knew a little fizz could have such a big impact? That’s a better life with bubbles.

Why FizzBenefitz?

It's Easy

Just drop in water and let the fizz do its thing.

It's Convenient

No heavy bottles or bulky packaging, Fizzbenefitz products are super portable. Just toss in your bag or stash in your car, and all you'll need is a little water to activate the fizz.

It's effective

The formula is simple. Time-tested effervescent technology plus high-quality ingredients in a tiny tablet or powder that you drop in water will create a solution you can put to work. That’s the power of fizz.

It's Fun

Let’s face it, bubbles are fun! Who doesn't love watching a fizzy transformation? Our effervescent products add a touch of excitement to mundane little tasks.

What can Fizz do for you?

Help your body

Whether you’re just tired of boring old water, need a boost of electrolytes, or are looking for an alternative to standard horse-pill vitamins, FizzBenefitz can help! Our beverage tablets and drink-mix powders are delicious and convenient.

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Help your mind

Sometimes you need a break but there aren’t enough hours in the day. FizzBenefitz effervescent aromatherapy tablets turn your shower into a spa, so you can sneak a little me-time into your busy schedule.

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Help you clean

Put those bubbles to work to bring back the shine with FizzBenefitz. Our cleaning tablets are portable and easy to use. Drop a tablet in water and put the fizz to work.

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